• Sink holes and underground networks detection under platforms with georadar

    A large set of geophysics instruments for soils and pavements, which tracks the defects, cavities and networks over a wide range of depths and with high efficiency

  • Dynamic and static load tests

    A worldwide experience with high capacity equipment

  • Reinforced concrete sampling and analyses

    Our expertise and testing and lab equipment fits every type of concrete and rebar analyses

  • Drone photogrammetric surveys

    Our drone is equipped with the latest technology for structural and dredging assessments

  • Sampling and laboratory analysis

    A set of recognition solutions for concrete, soils, sediments, water

RINCENT PORTS Laboratory is one of the global leaders in Testing, Measurement and Inspection of Port, Maritime and Waterway Infrastructure.

Located all over 3 continents, RINCENT PORTS provides solutions at all stages of the life of infrastructures:

  • In support for design, with targeted investigations of existing structures or soils;

  • As a QA/QC for works and materials;

  • In Structural and Environmental Investigation and Monitoring.

Our company can rely on the strength of the independent group RINCENT LABORATORIES, which unites 30 subsidiaries and 220 employees around the world, including world-class experts. We provide solutions for all stakeholders in this market: terminal managers, engineering offices and prime contractors, construction companies, claim adjusters and insurers.

Thanks to our extensive R & D efforts, we are able to regularly provide our customers and partners with new techniques and methods, mainly for non-destructive investigation. Some of them are patented and unique in the world, such as our technique for measuring the residual tension in ground anchors.

Our main strengths are our expertise, our availability, and the reliability of our equipment, allowing us fast and efficient implementation at any point of the world.

Water, air, soils and sediments quality

Water, air, soils and sediments quality

  • Environnemental monitoring

  •  Sediment analyses

  • Physicochemical and biological analyses

  • Turbidity monitoring

  • On-site streaming monitoring


Structural Investigations
  • Residual tension measurement for ground anchors

  • Buried length measurement of sheet piles, piles and diaphragm walls

  • Detection of defects from the surface with mechanical impedance: crackings, failures, de-locking


Certification and training
  • ISPS Infrastructure Assistance

  • Pedestrian Free Yard Certification

  • Technical training


Corrosion protection
  • Cathodic protection maintenance

  • Corosion potential measurement (concrete rebars and steel)

  • Protection QA/QC and inspection


Expertise following damages (insurers and claim adjusters)
  • Localisation and origin of damages/disorders, buried or underwater

  • Structural and Materials Expertise, Civil and Geotechnics


Determination of the total and buried length of underground structures

Using a specific method that is derived from mechanical impedance, we can measure in a non-destructive way, and from the surface, the total length and buried length of sheet piles, individual piles and diaphragm walls.

This method works through analyze of vibratory response to a controlled impedance signal.

The data analysis is done in our office only by qualified engineers of this method.

It also works from the top of cap beams or concrete slabs (for dolphins).

Eventually, this method can detect unlocking of sheet piles, as well as traversing defects (full thickness loss).

For best precision, we can also implement parallel seismic testing.

Non-destructive determination of the tension in ground anchors and nods

There also using a method which is derived from mechanical impedance (NF P94.160-4), we can determine the residual tension (T or Lbs), the tendon length and the bonded length of ground anchors and nods.
This technique is patented by RINCENT Laboratories since 2006, and has been proven on many sites around the world, including a nuclear plant.
The method works by analyzing vibration frequencies induced by a controlled impedance signal, which allows to extract the stiffness and length, with a 5% precision.
It also works underwater.

High Strain and Low Strain Impact Integrity Testing

RINCENT PORTS is one of the few specialized companies, for High Strain and Low Strain Impact Integrity Testing on Driven and Casted Pile Works, with strong references all around the world. The method is standardized by ASTM D5882 - Standard Test Method for Low Strain Impact Integrity Testing of Piles.

RINCENT PORTS possesses a large fleet of Pile Integrity Testers (PIT), accelerometers, strain gauges, high speed cameras and monitors.

Thanks to our expertise and equipment, we can implement Dynamic Pile Driving Analyses on live, with both PDA and SIMBAT methods, last one having been specifically developed by RINCENT Laboratories, and eventually determine toe and skin bearing capacity.

Drone measurements and photogrammetry

RINCENT PORTS has developed a new concept of using UAV in maritime conditions, taking advantage of their quick response and high resolution, for:
• Monitoring breakwaters and dams, and in particular their protection emerged part (riprap, tetrapods, ...), with a zero-step and regular monitoring: 6 months, 1 year, after a storm. The comparison with following steps allows the monitoring with a centimeter scale of movements and deformations of its components.
• Calculation of volumes during earthworks, for overwater elements.
All of our pilots were assessed by the French Civilian Aviation Authorities.
Data processing is then performed through a suite of dedicated photogrammetric software, output data can be transferred under any type of extension.

Monitoring environmental quality through sampling and analysis

RINCENT Group is committed for better environmental quality of Building processes, through a large set of air, soil and water sampling and analysis.

Our expertise and analytical capabilities have allowed us to be solicited on very complex issues, such as:

• Automated air monitoring with implementation of remote alarms, e.g. for the safety of site workers exposed to highly toxic waste,

• Sediment and soil BTEX, TPH, PAH, Heavy Metals analysis,

• Water contaminations and water turbidity monitoring.

Cavities and sinkholes detection and reporting with Ground Penetrating Radars

RINCENT PORTS has a fleet of 5 GPR with a large band of penetration rate, including our patented Rincent MFR© (Multi-Frequency Radar).
The use of different scales of frequencies allows us to achieve the following objectives: a low frequency allows for in-depth investigation (several meters), very high frequency achieves very fine details (pavement layer thickness verification with centimeter accuracy).

Our abilities in cavity and sinkhole detection under platforms and pavements has been proven on many ports worldwide. In these ports, our technology avoids many accidents linked to a sudden collapse, under reach stackers for example.

Structural monitoring

RINCENT PORTS implement automated monitoring of structures, with the same team that monitor all the process: assembly, conditioning and testing at our premises, and then installation, setup of the system and data logger, steady remote and on-site follow-up.

All data are registered through a dedicated server, with both computer and human analyses to isolate the share of cyclical share (tides, temperatures, seasons) from the share of strictly evolutionary disorders, for immediate alarm in case of a sudden evolution.

Our systems are adapted for the monitoring of all types of Port and Hydraulic infrastructure: dams, piles, walls, pier and bridge loading, slope slip…

Some of our equipment are: strain gauges, settlement gauges, drill-hole inclinometers, 3D crack meters, pore water pressure and leakage rate measurer, automated piezometers...

Corrosion protection measurements

RINCENT PORTS is specialized in measuring:

• Residual metal thickness,
• Corrosion potential, both in reinforced concrete and cathodic protection related structures (whether galvanic anode or impressed current)
• Coating thickness control.

All our measurements are made in full independence.

Quality of soil/structure contact and injection works follow-up

The quality of contact between the soil and the structure is often a key-element of the stability of retaining walls, quay walls or side walls of locks.

This quality of contact can be measured through a grid of mechanical impedance testing, as the vibratory response of good or low contact areas are diverging in quality.

This technique can be implemented for a precise follow-up of injection works behind a structure.

Civil structures investigations

RINCENT PORTS can investigate reinforced concrete structures, through:

- On-site measurements: localisation et caracterisation of rebars, corrosion potential measurement, concrete testing (fresh and hardened concrete), capillary absorption testing, compressive strength
- Structural compliance: thickness, concrete cover of rebars, cavities and cracking with concrete radar, compacity
- Chemical analyses: chlorides, carbonatation, sulfates, nitrates, ettringite…
- Electronique scanning microscope analyses: cement content rate, cement identification
- Asbestos measurements in both concrete and pavements
- Accelerated aging of concrete: lab replication of ions penetration until a 10x speed ratio

Geotechnical Expertise

RINCENT PORTS answers to either simple or complex geotechnical issues.

For example, the RINCENT Group has provided his soil expertise for iconic sites, such as the foundations of Chernobyl Plant sarcophagus (Ukraine), or the study of freeze/thaw cycles of the permafrost under the Yamal LNG tanks in Russia.

We are one of the few in Europe to possess highly advanced geotechnical equipment in our lab, such as a fully automated triaxial shear testing apparatus for undrained tests under water pressure (Cu+u' type).

Of course we also carry out routine testing such as particule size analyses, proctor compaction tests, Atterberg limits, penetrometer, plate bearing testing…


RINCENT PORTS looks for Engineers with specialization in Civil.

Our company, part of the second French market leader RINCENT Group, is famous for its entrepreneurial spirit.

We seek the satisfaction of both our customers and employees, through:

- Rigor in the implementation of our services and the presentation of results

- The use of materials at the cutting-edge and in-depth training in their use

- Technical and commercial know-being that meets closer to the needs of our customer

- A good share between field and office, which avoids the routine.

The sustainability of our business model passes through our availability, our knowledge of the field, and our proactivity with all RINCENT group experts.

If you also want to share our values and reach a united and multidisciplinary team, feel free to contact us through the form at the bottom of the page.


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